Check out this revolutionary report to see how one athlete coached himself to the #1 time in the world for the 60 meter dash...

"Have you ever wondered if you are doing the right training to run a faster 60?"

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"Would you like to see how a world-class sprinter would train to run a fast(er) 60?"

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you're in luck!

Burner Speed Systems is proud to offer you the brand new speed-enhancing report by Marcus Brunson (aka The Brunson Burner) entitled, "HOW TO RUN A FAST 60: How I Coached Myself to One of the Fastest 60m Dashes of All-Time". 

This 65-page report is not just another theory on speed development. It’s the actual training journal that Brunson utilized from the 2007 indoor track season when he coached himself to the #1 time in the world for the 60m dash.  You won't get any of the latest industry jargon on speed development but you will get some great workouts that you can use to run a faster 60! 

For those of you that might be a little skeptical, you can click on the link below to see for yourself:

Here’s your chance to see how true speed is developed. This report will provide you with a first-hand view of every speed-enhancing workout that the BURNER used from November 2006 to February 2007 leading up to his world-leading performance.

Order a copy of “How to Run a Fast 60” today to get access to the exact training regimen that Brunson used to run one of the world’s fastest times! You can use these same workouts to help yourself and/or those you coach to run a faster 60 yard/meter dash.

Be sure to take advantage of this amazing offer while you can!

About the Author:

Marcus Brunson is a former world-class sprinter that ran under 10 seconds in the 100m dash and twice ran the #1 time in the world for the 60m dash.  He is currently a speed specialist and has worked at some of the top sports facilities in Arizona, such as: Velocity Sports Performance, Athletic Republic and the RISE Sports and Training.

You can also catch the Burner on his other websites:


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